Monday, May 24, 2010

may 24th

I guess it has been forever since I posted to my Blog. It is because I was using it for our mission and I still don't have that one into a book yet. I have a cute niece who said she will help so I guess I better make a date with her and get it going. Life moves too fast.
Daina and Sherm had their cute little boy on April 7th, a little sooner than planned and we were in Seattle that following weekend to help. Thanks for the fun.
Michelle is coming up on the 2nd of June so life has been crazy, in between we have had our son Kevin move in with us. Life is Good!

Friday, January 8, 2010

On the go

Well here we are on the go again. We have been in Scottsdale AZ since Saturday night. The weather is 70+ and it is beautiful. Oh how I hate to think about coming home. We have spent the days basking in the sun, shopping, golfing and having many many nights playing cards with our friends. I hate to see it come to an end on Saturday, we will be heading back home. Then we will be staying in St George for a few more days. Then it is back to the snow and cold. But it will also be back to our family which is the best. What more could we want. Life is good!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Today August 24th

Wow here it is Monday night the 24th of August. We finished our work here in Elberton last week on Friday. What a rush. We are so excited that we got all of the work done. Susan the judge is so thrilled with everything. It was pretty exciting the last thing we did was here letters from her great great grandfather to her g-g- grandmother during the civil war. It was thrilling to be doing it for her. We have really enjoyed our time here in Elberton. Life has been slow but it has been great. WE are almost sorry we have to come back to the real world. We will be here until we get our audit back which will be sometime on Wednesday, then we will tear down the camera, return it to Tony, our supervisor and then we will home the long way. Through the southern area of the country with a stop over to the BYU game in Dallas TX on the 5th of Sept. We thought that would be okay as we know when we get home we are home. (Maybe only we know what I mean by that??????) It will be back to the real life. Home, family, friends and play play play. this mission has been a great learning experience for both of us. We have learned more about the Lord and
our testimonies have grown and we have learned about each other, we love each other more now than ever before. We have been blessed.
On Saturday the 22nd we met our friends the last of the missionaries, Tom & Bonnie Hamilton, and Ben and Bonnie Carrigan and went to Stone Mountain for the Laser show. It was very nice and the music was wonderful especially the finale of the Star Spangled Banner. Earlier in the day we went to 5 guys burgers, yum yum yum.
Homemade fries, and pattied burgers. They were great we were real piggies.
After the show we stayed with Tom and Bonnie and spent the night in their landlords basement bedroom. It was great to be in a queen size bed. We both slept good. We went to church with them and had dinner after, watched a dvd then we began our trek home. It was a great weekend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today 16 August

Well here it is Sunday again. Today was our last in the small branch here in Elberton. They had a linger longer dinner after church for us. It was great. I will really miss these humble people. It is a very small group of about 30 at the most. They have a lot of challenges here in this little town. I led the music in Sacremant meeting and the rest song was Called to Serve. I was thinking as I was leading it that I had just sang this a few weeks ago in the MTC, where has the time gone. And of course I cried. Big BOOB that I am. It is really hard to lead the music and cry and the same time, runny nose and all. But hey, I mad it through. It was a very nice day. I taught Relief Society and Paul taught sunday school. They both were good if I do say so.
We are getting down on our work. We didn't think we would be through until the last minute now it looks like we will be finished by the end of this week. Finally we are getting the hang of imaging these dang books. They have been a real challenge. But we are going to finish. We are so glad. This little community will be very glad to have the records.
Last night we went with the Susan and John and Charlotte and Ron, to see Elvis, from Memphis to Las Vegas. The 2 gentlemen that sang did a great job but it was a very long show. Started at 7:00 and we finally left at 10:15 and they were still going. But we enjoyed it. On Thursday we met Tom and Bonnie Hamilton and went to dinner and drove around Lake Lanier. It is a huge lake outside of Atlanta about 30 minutes. It was a nice evening. Seems like we like to eat wherever we go. But it is fun to try all of this new stuff. and Yummuy!!!!
We have tickets to go to the BYU Oklahoma game in Dallas on the 5th, on our way home. IT will be the first to have the Dallas Cowboy stadium used it is new. That should be fun. It will just put us home later. So we should be there on the 8th sometime. Sherm and Daina will be there on the 9th. What fun to see everyone again. We are so blessed. All is well here and it sounds like all is well at home also. God watches over and blesses us daily. The thought I leave today was found on a church sign going to church this morning "The man who walks with God always knows the direction he is going." That is soOOOOOO true. I am continually thankful for the way I was raised and the role the church has played in our lives and in our families.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a week!

At the entrance of the Biltmore, we went there on the 24th and 25th of July. It was a beautiful home owned by George Vanderbilt, originally built in the 1895 and is considered to be America's largest home. It has 252 rooms. I can't imagine what it would take to keep it up. It is amazing that we have a castle right here in the South.

The gardens were spectacular. Everything was in bloom and we wandered through the conservatory and the grounds. There was also a farm, winery and riding stables on the grounds. It took us over 4 hours to just go through the home and not the gardens. It took about 3 hours to drive there from Elberton. But it was beautiful. The day was terrific, only in the mid 80's which was cool for Ashville NC. The drive there was through trees, trees and forests lots of them. What a beautiful area this is. In the evening we attended a concert which was held out on the lawn of the estate, it was Abba, the tribute band. The highlight was that they had the original bass guitar player and the saxaphone player perform with them. The group was from Europe, and they sounded just like them. It was fun clapping and singing with the music. It was a great weekend.

Today being Sunday is the hardest day for me. I taught the Gospel Doctrine lesson it is Paul's turn next week and then we came home. We have lunch and then we use the computer, read or play cards. It is a long day. Oh well it is all good. When I went to RS today there was no President, lesson or teacher so we met with the Priesthood. Very small attendance today. It makes me sad. The missionaries work so hard as does all of the members.

Abba, the group fun, fun, fun. And good music.

The Biltmore the picture does it a huge injustice.
We are imaging books now and it is so confusing, I hope by the end of the week we get it together. We have 48 to do and we are hoping we will get them all done by the end of August, which will be here before we know it. Life is good! and as long as we keep busy the time flys by quickly.
We met the Carrigans and the Hamiltons in Athens on the Saturday before and toured the botanical gardens there at the University. After we went to a very interesting Mexican place, It actually was a little scarrey, but it had 5 stars out of 65 restaurants for places to eat in Athens. It was great, the cuban sandwiches and the burritos were to die for! We may go back. I actually need a picture the tables, were wood and falling apart, it was outside that you ate, but it was great, we like to call it a experience!! Well all goes well with us, another week begins and more blessings to come. The Lord watches over us daily and we love serving.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th

Wow, here it is the Sunday the 5th of July. We are on the downhill swing of the mission. Yesterday was the 4th and I think it is the first time I have not been to Cherry Days for the day. We had a very quiet day here. We were off on the 3rd and I did laundry, went for a swim at the Judges home and sewed. Paul played a round of golf and about baked himself. It was in the HIGH 90+ so I passed on the golf. But he said he enjoyed however he came home TIRED!. That evening they had fireworks at the lake but we were both too tired to go. So we stayed home and watched a movie from Red Box.
On the actual 4th we drove to a small town called Washington which is 29 miles south of Elberton. We toured the museum and the Robert Toombs home. They were old plantation syle homes. He was a General in the Civil War and was very strong for the South. As a matter of fact he never did come back into the union after the war. I guess you could say he was a Rebel until he died. It is so interesting how the some of the people still think the South should have won the war.
We came back home and had a cute family from Sandy Springs drive up here to visit. We went to the park and had a picnic with them and visited until about 8:00.
This family is here from Ghuana. He has been for about a year and she came up in October with the two children. They are a great family. He works for ING in Atlanta. They have both been members of the church for most of their lives. They are a great family and we reallly admire them for all the sacrifices that they make to be here. We hope one day they can come visit us in Utah. Edwin is 3 and Emma is 5. We were so happy when they came up. We had lunch at the park in Elberton, the kids were able to run around and play for awhile. It was a great afternoon.
They then drove back home.
The neighbor next door lit fireworks and we watched out the window. All in all a quiet evening. Today we went to church, we have a calling now we are teaching the Gospel Doctrine class. So Paul taught today and I wrote on the board. However, I was asked to teach Relief Society the next two weeks so I guess Paul will be the teacher. He does a great job.
Our lives go on as usual, we have finished the Estates now and are working on misc. type documents, jury elections, etc and all different types of court records. There are about 42 boxes but they are small and going quite fast, so we may have them done by mid july. Then we will start with the VERY LARGE LARGE Books. And they will take up the rest of our time. We have planned to go to the Biltmore House in Ashville NC over the 24th weekend. We are going to a Abba concert outdoors and spending the night. The Biltmore house belonged to the Vanderbilts, very large and supposed to be very beautiful, we are looking forward to that. So until then we will keep busy with our work and church callings.

I have been reading a interesting book and I just wanted to quote a paragraph in it. Paul and I have been talking about getting old lately, he wakes up in the morning and says "who is that bald fat man in the mirror, I know it is not me!" And we laugh. This paragraph summed up how we will probably feel in a few years. It just hit me so I wanted to save it.
This old 92 year old man is sitting in a nursing home, he is pretty sharp still but he is feeling bad and he looks at his hands and says" I reach for the napkin, and as I do I catch sight of my hands. They are knobby and crooked, thin-skinned, and -like my ruined face--covered with liver spots.... My face. I push the porridge aside and open my vanity mirror. I should know better by now, but somehow I still expect to see myself. Instead, I find an Applachian apple doll, withered and spotty, with dewlaps and bags and long floppy ears. A few strands of white hair spring absurdly from its spotted skull. I try to brush the hairs flat with my hand and freeze at the sight of my old hand on my old head. I lean close and open my eyes very wide, trying to see beyond the sagging flesh. It's no good. Even when I look straight into the milky blue eyes, I can't find myself anymore. When did I stop being me?" For some reason that verse just hit me, and I remember my mother saying how her hands were not hers anymore. Not sure why I am thinking of these type of things, but DANG I guess we are getting a little older. But just the same life is very good to us. I am so blessed each day, with my life, the beautiful world and I just am so thankful for all that I have.

Today it is rainy and cloudy, after church we have a pretty quiet day ahead of us. Michelle called yesterday and said that they were having a good time at Bear Lake with the family. Sherman and Daina called and told us they had been camping with friends and were going to a cook out last night. Everyone is always keeping busy. I have said it before and I will say it again. LIFE IS GOOD!!!